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Propagation prediction

I am including propagation predictions for four areas below, to give an idea of when openings are possible to each major target area. What they indicate can be summarised:

  • Eu should be reasonably workable, with high bands open in the late morning onwards and low bands into the evening and hours of darkness

  • The US should likewise be possible, but with times shifted a few hours later

  • JA and Asia is going to be difficult but may be possible later at night

  • VK probably won't be workable, especially as the GC route fires into a mountain in the centre of the island (unless the QTH is in the south, in which case Eu/USA will not be easily workable)

Prediction from UK:

Prediction from Eastern US:

Prediction from JA:

Prediction from VK:

Please use the VOACAP prediction tool below to estimate propagation from your QTH to ZD7

Many thanks to Jari, OH6BG, and friends for setting this up for my ZD7 location.
Settings for RX (on ZD7) and TX (at your own location): Lambda/4 Vertical, Power: 400 watts

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