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Plans and Equipment

The equipment I am intending to take is:

  • FT 991 HF/VHF rig, and maybe

  • FT 891 HF/VHF rig

  • A small, lightweight linear (Juma PA1000 - only 5.5 kg)

  • Power supplies, PC for logging, data modes and email (hopefully there will be cellular and possibly wifi internet connectivity )

  • Antennas - to be decided, but probably a mixture including verticals, wire antennas and lightweight poles to get the wires into the air. I am planning to take a 40 foot Spiderpole.


This will depend on demand for ZD7 and band conditions

Bands - 10 to 80 metres (80 metres depending on conditions)
Modes - SSB, some data (RTTY and possibly FT8) and just maybe a little CW

I'm going to ZD7 primarily to play radio but I also intend to do some sightseeing so it won't be a 24/7 operation ...
Keep an eye on this website and the cluster for day-to-day information

There should be an on-line log and I will aim to upload data to it daily
If I am very lucky I may be able to get internet over a cellular connection, which will make life easier - otherwise I will have to go to Jamestown to find a public internet connection


I am planning on staying in the north of the Island, on the plateau above Jamestown - in 'The Studio Flat' at Prince's Lodge
This is self-catering accomodation, which is convenient as it allows me to setup my station and antennas without causing problems to other people at a hotel, and I am not tied to fixed meal-times (the downside of this is that I will have to cook for myself!)
If you want to see the approximate QTH have a look at the location page.

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