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Hello from ZD7 - St Helena!

Published by in News · 16/10/2017 11:49:20

I'm now on St Helena and I've been active for a bit over a day.
I'm borrowing an internet connection and a computer from Derek, ZD7CTO to update my website.
I do have a data connection at my QTH 'Prince's Lodge' but it is 2G - Edge and very slow, so it can just about handle log uploads but that is about it ...
The flight was great and the landing interesting ... actually, if the pilot had not said 'be prepared for go-arounds and a bit of turbulence' we would have thought it was a normal, if a bit bumpy, landing.
Conditions seem to drop in the middle of the day, and be good to USA in the evening, and I can also hear Eu in the morning - I will try to be on-air earlier tomorrow morning for Eu.
I was hearing FT8 well an hour or two ago but unfortunately my laptop is playing up so I might not be able to use FT8 - sorry ...

Thanks for all the nice messages, and I hope to hear you in the pileups.
Cheers, Bill ZD7BR

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